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Root Touch-Up 

$110 and up*

Touch up the regrowth area only.

Root touch up with ends refresher

$145 and up*

This service is for clients who not only need their regrowth done but also want to add shine and richness to their ends.

Partial highlight

$140 and up*

Gives a dimensional look on the sides and top of the head.

Color Correction

In person consultation only.


$190 and up*

This service consists of multiple techniques to achieve a more lived in look.

 Smoothing Treatments

$275 and up

This service eliminates frizz and smooths the cuticle for easier styling.

Full Head Highlights

$180 and up*

Gives a dimensional look throughout the entire head. 

Mini Highlight


This service is for clients who want to brighten up around their face. It's usually 5 to 10 foils.

Conditioning Treatments

$30 and up

Custom treatment based on what your hair needs.

Haircut and Blow Dry


Consultation, shampoo and scalp massage, custom haircut and a blowout

*includes Blowout

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